Important Tournament Information

PAC Sports Rules

The 2015/2016 Tournament Rules for Tournaments-R-US/PAC Sports Baseball:

1) Sportsmanship – PAC expects the best behavior out of all involved with the program. This

includes, but not limited too, players, coaches, parents and spectators. PAC will have
each tournament host report all unsportsmanlike ejections and other incidents similar in
nature, to the state office. We will track at the state office and there will be penalties enforced

2) 1st Incident – Following the game/time of the ejection, there will be an addition 1 game
suspension to be administered by the tournament host. If the suspension carries over to
another event, then the tournament host will report it to the state office and then it will
carry over to the next event in which the team participates.

3) 2nd Incident – Following the game/time of the ejection, there will be an addition 3 game
suspension to be administered by the tournament host. If the suspension carries over to
another event, then the tournament host will report it to the state office and then it will
carry over to the next event in which the team participates.

4) 3rd Incident – Suspended indefinitely. Must request reinstatement with the State Office.

5) Scorebook – The home team is responsible for keeping the official scorebook.

6) Rosters
a) All teams must have roster on-line before they start their first game.
b) Adding players may affect your classification.

7) If a team’s class is changed after entering an event, it is the manager’s responsibility to
notify the host.

8) Batting Order
a) EH (Extra Hitter) is allowed in all age groups. The EH shall be considered a starter. A team
using an EH will have 10 players in their lineup at all times. Teams wishing to use the EH
must declare so before the game.
b) Teams may bat all players present, but if a player is unable to bat for any reason, that
player will be declared out.
c) If not batting your roster, starters may reenter once per game. Substitutes may not
d) Free defensive substitution allowed if batting your roster, but all pitching limitations must
still be followed.
e) A team may start a game with as few as 8 players, but they can not go to 7 players. Teams
will take an out if they don’t have an eligible player to appear in a batting position based
on the standard starting positions on Defense.
i) 8U and Under – 10 Positions
(1) If Batting 9 – The 10th position would be an out.
(2) If Batting 8 – The 9th and 10th position would be outs.
ii) 9U and Above – 9 Positions
(1) If Batting 8 – The 9th Position would be an out.

9) Game Times:
a) 6U – 8U – 1:00 / 6 innings
b) 9U – 12U – 1:30 / 6 Innings
c) 13U & 14U – 1:40 / 7 Innings

10) Run Rules:
a) 6-Inning game(12U and Below):
i) After 3 Innings – 15 Runs
ii) After 4 Innings – 8 Runs
b) 7-Inning game(13U and Above):
i) After 3 Innings – 15 Runs
ii) After 4 Innings – 12 Runs
iii) After 5 Innings – 8 Runs

11) Pool Play Tie Breaker Guidelines:
a) Win-Loss Record
b) Head to Head
c) Fewest Runs Allowed
d) Run Differential
e) USSSA Points
f) Coin Flip

g) NOTE: If a forfeit occurs or even number of games can’t be played in pool play, then the
team’s average of the games played will be used to determine seeding.

h) Forfeit in Pool Play Is an automatic forfeit out of the tournament.

12) Pitching
a) Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position during a game, he/she cannot return
to the pitching position. Being pinched hit for does not constitute as being removed from
the pitching position.
b) Pitching Rules and Limitations: Please refer to current PAC Rule Book located online
at for current pitching limitations.
c) Once a pitching card is signed by both coaches it is official.
d) Pitching Limitations:

13) Courtesy Runners
a) Allowed for the pitcher and catcher of record from the previous inning.
b) If there is a player not currently in the game, that person will run for the pitcher/catcher.
c) If there is not a person on the bench who is currently not in the game, then the last batted
out will run.

14) Slide Rule – There is no mandatory slide rule, but whenever a tag play is evident, a runner
must slide or seek to avoid contact with the fielder and / or catcher. Attempting to jump, leap,
or dive over the fielder and / or catcher is not interpreted as seeking to avoid contact.
Malicious contact shall supersede all obstruction penalties.

15) Protest
a) $100 cash must accompany protest.
b) If protest is upheld and a ruling is overturned, protest fee is returned.

16) Metal Cleats are allowed in ages 13 and up. No metal spikes are allowed on portable mounds.

17) Ejections
a) Anyone ejected from a game must sit out the next game.
b) Being confined to the dugout is not considered an ejection.

18) Coach/Machine Pitch
a) Players get 3 swinging strikes or 6 pitches.
b) Foul balls will extend an at bat as long as they have pitches left.

19) Delays/Rain Outs
a) If delays occur, then the tournament director will determine the best way to seed teams.
b) In the event a tournament cannot be completed after it has started, place/points may be
awarded based on games played.

9u to 12u

Pitch count one day max and to be able to pitch the next day is 3 innings or 9 outs

One Day Maximum is 6 innings or 18 outs 14U is 7 innings or 21 outs

Three Day Maximum 8 innings or 24 outs

c) Rain Out Policy – if a team has started their first game then there is a 40% refund. If the
team has started their second game there is no refund. If a rain out occurs before any
games begin then entry fee minus $100 refunded. A minimum of $100 will be retained. If
events have a different policy, it will be posted by the event.

20) 7U thru 10U Brackets – Classifications may be combined without notice to teams at any

21) Team Classification – A teams’ classification may be adjusted at anytime including during
the season. If players are added to a roster, it may affect the classification of the team. It is
the managers’ responsibility to follow the guidelines. If a team is found to be playing in the
wrong class, it could mean removal from an event even if it’s during the event.

Where Are My PAC Points?

A question that we (as host) continue to answer is… “Where are our points?”

The answer is simple…it’s a process that takes time.  Although results are almost immediate, typically it takes 10-14 days from the end of the tournament before your points will be awarded.
Here is the process.

  1. Tournament Ends
  2. Results are reported
  3. Sanction report and host fees (check) are sent to the National office
  4. Check and reports arrive
  5. Points are awarded

As tournament host, there is nothing we can do to speed up the process or award points ourselves.

Only the USSSA State Office can award points.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Tournaments-R-US/PAC SPORTS Baseball:
Entering Tournaments
Tournament Host should inform teams by the Wednesday before the event if there is a possibility that an event may not make.
Teams Withdrawing From Events – Any team that withdraws from an event after 12 NOON
on Monday, or after the brackets have been started (which on larger events could be earlier than the Monday before the start of the event), may be responsible for
the entry fee or appropriate fee set by the tournament host.  The team is also not allowed to play in another event that weekend. Some facilities and certain events may have other guidelines that are higher on the penalty and withdrawing deadline may be earlier.
Teams withdrawing from a sold out bracket- Teams will need to give notice at least 10 days prior tournament start date to receive a 50% refund. If a team decides to withdrawal with in the 10 day window no refund is issued.
If a tournament is canceled due to weather the refund policy is as followed.
If a team plays zero games, 100% refund is issued
If a team plays one game 50% refund is issued
If a team plays two games 0% refund is issued
Understand that any games guaranteed in an event is against elimination and not weather.
All teams do have the option to transfer any refund amount and apply it to future event. Excluding State, Super Nit’s and World Series
Teams Entering Frees Events – If a team enters a free event and withdraws as describe in 22b, they will be responsible for a minimum of the entry fee and maybe other loses.
If a team enters an event that they are not eligible for by their roster make up, they shall be
removed from the event immediately. If it is discovered after the event is concluded, the
team will be placed in 99th place and awarded no points. Either way the team will receive no
Tournament Director has the ability to adopt or modify any of these rules as needed during
the course of the event with the approval of the State Office.