Refund Policy
Refund Policy for Tournaments-R-US/USSSA Baseball:
Entering Tournaments
Tournament Host should inform teams by the Wednesday before the event if there is a possibility that an event may not make.
Any team that request to be removed from an event 15 days before the start date of that event will be removed with no administration fee deducted.
Any team that request removal from an event 14 days or less from the start date of that event will have a $75 administration fee deducted from their entry fee.
Any team that transfers their entry to a future event, no administration fee will be deducted.
Teams Withdrawing From Events – Any team that withdraws from an event after 12 NOON
on Monday, or after the brackets have been started (which on larger events could be earlier than the Monday before the start of the event), will be responsible for
the entry fee.  The team is also not allowed to play in another event that weekend. Some facilities and certain events may have other guidelines that are higher on the penalty and withdrawing deadline may be earlier.
If a team pulls out of an event due to pending forecast, that team forfeit their entry fee.
Teams withdrawing from a sold out bracket- Teams will need to give notice at least 14 days prior to tournament start date to receive a 50% refund. If a team decides to withdrawal with in the 14 day window no refund is issued.
If a tournament is canceled due to weather the refund policy is as followed.
If a team plays zero games, 100% refund is issued minus a $75 administration fee for entries $400 plus. For entries under $400 the administration fee is $50
If a team plays one game 50% refund is issued
If a team plays two games 0% refund is issued
Any team that transfers their entry to a future event, no administration fee will be deducted.
Any game that has started no matter what inning it is in, is considered a game.
Understand that any games guaranteed in an event is against elimination and not weather.
All teams do have the option to transfer any refund amount and apply it to future event. Excluding State, Super Nit’s and World Series
Gate fees are non-refundable for any reason.
Teams Entering Free Events – If a team enters a free event and withdraws as describe in 22b, they will be responsible for a minimum of the entry fee and maybe other loses.
If a team enters an event that they are not eligible for by their roster make up, they shall be
removed from the event immediately. If it is discovered after the event is concluded, the
team will be placed in 99th place and awarded no points. Either way the team will receive no
points and no refund.
Tournament Director has the ability to adopt or modify any of these rules as needed during
the course of the event with the approval of the State Office.